The Anticipation

So let’s talk about things I really like and absolutely cannot wait to hear more of, specifically, Bon Iver’s sophomore album. A good while ago I picked up a single release, “Calgary”, and upon recent rediscovery in my library, I have to listen to it at least once a day. When that quota is met, I usually end up listening to it many more times.

I love just about everything Justin Vernon is a part of; from Bon Iver to his work on Volcano Choir and even into his appearances on Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.¬†Naturally, his album coming out soon is giving me jitters. I just can’t wait much longer. In the mean time, though, “Calgary” will have to quench my thirst. You should check it out, too. There’s clearly the classic Bon Iver style of falsetto beauty, but it throws down a very full orchestra sound on top of his folksy sound heard on For Emma, Forever Ago. You can also hear some of the remnants of the sounds heard in Gayngs, another collaborative work of Justin’s. The harmonies are ballad-like and solid. The simple drumming politely keeps the groove charging. It’s fantastic and it’s hopefully just a taste of something spectacular coming later this June. Take a listen.

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