TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light

‘Tis the season to be atypical. How about a side dish of TV on the Radio to go with your post-rock Explosions in the Sky? Tunde Adebimpe and the TV on the Radio gang hit this one for a single, but that’s about all they pulled off. I can’t think of any more metaphors that clearly do not work together.

I enjoy some TV on the Radio every once in a while and usually when I do, it’s a little Return to Cookie Mountain that will get me going. At least there are some memorable songs in that album that I might click “repeat” for. Unfortunately, TV on the Radio’s new album, Nine Types of Light, isn’t all that spectacular. I listened through it once thinking that I hadn’t grasped it all on the first go around. When I listened to it again, my feeling of estrangement did not subside and I was left wondering where I had gone wrong in purchasing this album. The logic seemed sound: I’ve liked TV on the Radio before, I listened to the free single that the band sent around a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed the single, and then I purchased the album when it came out. When I finished the listen through, I noticed the single that I liked at the end of the album and was only really happy when I listened to that. It wasn’t the type of happy where I’ll run around like a lunatic frothing and foaming about how great TV on the Radio is, but the type of happy I get when I come across a decent song on Pandora that fits the exact parameters for what I would expect the music to sound like on the radio station I created. But that enjoyment was fleeting and the cold, hard fact that I had just spent money on a not-very-good album hit me in the jugular. I mean, if you really, really love TV on the Radio, purchase this album and enjoy it. Just don’t expect it to be Return to Cookie Mountain.

Well, this might be the first time, but the important thing to get out of all of this is that I didn’t really like Nine Types of Light by TV on the Radio all that much. *Sad face*

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