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Savage Skulls and Douster: “Bad Gals” (ft. Robyn)

I liked this video. I liked this song.

(There are two, but I liked the first)


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Destroyer – Kaputt

So, if you care, this blog is in accordance with a requirement in a college course I am in to create a blog about something that I am (pretending to be) knowledgeable about. Read the “about” page if you want to know more about the purpose of this blog and my preoccupation with opinions of my writing.

That said, I’ll proceed to write my opinions of and (ill) informed review of Destroyer’s Kaputt. You may find it overtly obvious at some point that I simply like listening to music also likes. I will not attempt to cover-up that fact about my musical tendencies. Pitchfork said Destroyer’s new album should be considered “best new music”, therefore I obediently venture over to the resolute GrooveShark to listen to the new album (truly I don’t know how much of an adventure it is to remain seated in the confines of my room and simply click a pathetically loyal bookmark at the top of my web browser, but I digress).

Often I am treated by my blind following of Pitchfork with an off-the-wall, frustrating, and unlikeable album pinned as progressive merely for the fact that it’s so ridiculous that only Pitchfork writers claim to like it so that when you don’t, they can appreciate a fabricated sense of elitism in knowing more about music than you ever will. This time, however, I was treated to an album I actually like even with all of its quirkiness. If you can get past Dan Bejar’s most likely purposeful wavy, creepy, and somewhat condescending voice, you will appreciate the nostalgic, calming, and inspiring nature of his music. Having also the chance to watch his music video for “Kaputt” one would see Destroyer’s earnest musings about perceived realities and the dangers of unanchored dreamworlds. The possibly ironic part of it all, is that Destroyer’s music is itself in a very dreamy style with flowing synthesizers and elongated, smooth bass lines.

If you have any idea what I’m talking about, then you’re at least 10 steps ahead of me. Maybe 11. But the important thing to get out of all of this, is that I like Destroyer’s Kaputt.